Jeff Rowland - Somewhere in the Crowd there's You

Somewhere in the Crowd There's You
This painting, I feel, is a direct influence from both film directors Leone and Lean. Here we have a composition of a British street scene in the rain full of the hustle and bustle of city life. We can see that it is a British street scene, probably London, because of the red routemaster buses. I have been moving my paintings on into a slightly different direction by giving the addition of large crowds. This gives the painting movement and a real sense of the city. Once again I have tried to portray the cinematic appeal in the work. It reminds me of a shot from a John Mills film, set in London. The man is in the centre of the painting, he is looking for the woman that he may have arranged a rendezvous with. He then sees her, waiting there underneath the street lamps almost hidden within the crowd. Its that classic catching of the eyes from two people. This could be portrayed as love at first sight or is it a blind date?

Canvas On Board
Size 22" x 36"

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